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We offer more service for less money than anyone in the business!

An E-commerce Merchant Account is an account that is opened for you in an approved Visa and MasterCard acquiring bank. This bank collects the funds from your customer's bank and forwards them to your existing bank account.

An SSL Secure Order Form is a ready-made, secure form that is provided for you and your customer. All information that is entered by your customer is encrypted from their computer right through the entire credit card system. No one can intercept or capture your customer's data. It is all secured via the SSL (secure socket layer) encryption method, which is the industry standard.

The Virtual Terminal is a ready made order form that is available for you to manually place orders from any Internet connected computer anywhere in the world. You just log onto the Internet with your favorite browser, select the Login Prompt, enter your login ID and your password and you can immediately enter the credit card information. As a simple example, if you were doing a house sales party, you could use your laptop to process credit cards. If you are taking phone orders, you can use the Virtual Terminal to process the cards right into your computer. More...

Automated Web Site Ordering, commonly referred to as Weblink, is a method whereby a few lines of html code are placed on your web site and it creates an order button for your customers. More...

A Free Shopping Cart is provided to all our customers. You can add as many products to the cart as you like..

Free Web Hosting is provided to all our customers for one full year. After the first year, the cost is only $14.95 per month.

A Free Brochure Web Site is provided to get you started if you have the need. Our technicians will place the weblink order button on the page for you and you will be ready to accept orders immediately.

Our Web Design staff will be happy to create a professional web site for you or integrate your shopping cart with your existing web site.

Automatic Recurring Billing is one of our prize features. Our in-house team of developers developed it. This system is the finest in the world. It will accept orders, track your customers and completely automate your recurring billing needs.

Password Member Management is an additional service that has been developed in-house. You can provide paid, password protected access to your members only directory on your web site. This system fully integrates with the Recurring Billing System.

Customer Database Management is a service that is part of our Enhanced Gateway. Every order that you enter or your web site accepts will log the customer's information into a database that you can access at any time from anywhere in the world. This customer database tool is unique to our system.

A E-mail Marketing tool is provided with our Enhanced gateway. Every customer's e-mail address is placed in your database and you can send e-mail notification of sales or special offers to all of your customers at once, right from your control terminal that we provide for you.

A Product Database is available to you. You can designate which products are one-time orders or designate services that incur a monthly rebilling charge. If your customer orders a monthly subscription, your product database recognizes it as an item that is to be re-billed every month.